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Wind Beneath The Wings to Fly High by Roshni Subramani

By Volunteer Roshni Subramani, FHI Kolkata 

It was back in 2018, when I had joined Fly Higher India NGO – FHI. Fly Higher India, was already in operation in its base in Bangalore, when it began to spread to different cities. And there it was, Fly Higher India, was at our doorstep, in the City of Joy, (Kolkata) ready with a bunch of volunteers to spread joy amongst the underprivileged. We started as a group of 10, and now we have 60 on board.

It is quite gratifying to see the graph rise, towards the development of a noble cause.

In a developing country like India, where every day millions of children go to sleep thinking of the uncountable opportunities that lie in front of them, only waiting for some miracle to happen, FHI is that one miracle which every child wishes for. It is all that a child could ask for. Unique in its nature, and precise in working towards its goals, FHI uses phenomenal themes towards the growth and development of children both mentally and physically. Towards the efficient working of these goals, FHI holds theme oriented events every month. It works towards giving every child the right to dream, to aim for the sky.

Every child has the right to dream.

Every child has the right to education.

Every child has the right to smile.

Working upon these mottos, FHI tends to work beyond the four walls of a classroom, beyond the thick walls of poverty and inequality to bridge the gap between the have and the have nots.

Apart from the usual curriculum of teaching from books, FHI focuses on the cultivation of life skills in children, to make them strong enough to strife for the establishment of self identity, dignity and self expression.

Every theme defines itself. The remarkable sense of equality is very evident when every city, every month is given the responsibility of choosing a theme, which, 17 cities presently across the country work upon. What is astonishing about the fact is that, each city is allowed to have its own interpretation of the theme and thus suggesting the myriad of interpretations which one motto can have. This kind of varied interpretations helps one analyse one single thought from various angles, and thus helping the children to “Broaden their horizons”, by identifying themselves as “Saksham” and shouting out loud “Let’s Sparkle”. Life is all about knowing the unknown. About expecting the unexpected, and for every underprivileged child, the unexpected is FHI, enhancing their creativity, and painting their “grey” matter, with the brightest of colours.

Apart from dancing, singing, value education classes, sports, learning about the society that surrounds them FHI tends to help the little ones take a step towards the the fulfillment of their “unseen, seen” dreams.

FHI is that canvas on which every child draws scribbles and paints. Working under efficient leaders, makes the team effort worthwhile. The enthusiasm of the volunteers has always been at power with the kids, and one can only hope for more and always the better. FHI thus, still working towards the magnification and intensification of their goals, is that platform which educates children to “Count their blessings”, and take big bold steps by crossing the bridge towards “Udaan”.

Hence enlightening and motivating the kids that they can “Make it Happen”, today, tomorrow and always.

FHI not only brings about a change, but is the very change itself which is like a cool breeze that brushes across a 1000 faces, over 17 cities, under 800 volunteers and thus making the phrase worthwhile –

United we stand, divided we fall!

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