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Enabling children & youth with 21st Century skills & competencies to be better prepared for life.

About Us

Fly Higher (FHI), an initiative of the APMVM Foundation has been working tirelessly to instil life skills and imbibe confidence in the underprivileged children and youth across India since 2018.


With science and commerce evolving at a rapid pace, several new career options have opened up in the last two decades. However, to utilise these opportunities one must be prepared to survive in increasingly competitive work environments. To excel in such circumstances, apart from academic intelligence each youth should possess a specific set of qualities and life skills which help distinguish them from others. This vital skill set is to be nurtured and developed from childhood.


FHI works to bridge this gap and help our underprivileged children tap their fullest potential through execution of structured programs which have been developed in collaboration with professionals and counsellors of varied expertise.


The unfaltering energy of our young volunteers coupled with the wisdom of our advisors makes FHI the perfect platform which unlocks the doors to boundless opportunities for our less fortunate children.


Any knowledge acquired is of value only when put to use, and it is only through life skills that knowledge is efficiently utilised. Most times we tend to focus on formal education as we underestimate the value of other life skills. Life skills are not merely qualities we acquire over and above academics; they are essential for excellence. Job recruitment agencies now evaluate candidates based on specific life skills through their logical reasoning and aptitude tests, group discussions to study their communication and leadership skills and personal interviews which assess their confidence, social skills and other aspects. Life skills need to be imbibed, encouraged and practised right from childhood. Children need to witness confident, young adults who can create a positive impact on their impressionable minds. As a vibrant group of energetic volunteers who understand the need and importance of life skills, Fly Higher (FHI) helps transform the life of thousands of underprivileged children.

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Skills enable individuals to operate on autopilot


Skill is a term that encompasses the knowledge, competencies and abilities to perform tasks. These are primarily developed through life and work experiences but luckily these can also be developed through study and practice.


21st Century Skills are the set of abilities that enable individuals to work towards their goals during the Information Age. These are skills that help children keep up with the world changing at a lightning pace.

The objective of the initiatives and programs that we are driving at Fly Higher is to empower the children with resources that allow them to acquire these skills while involved with us, and in any other situations they might come across in their lives.

"It is possible to fly without motors, but not without knowledge and skills." - Wilbur Wright.

Our Event Themes
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