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Our Story

Our Founder – Mr. Vishal Mimani is a man of many interests and talents, yet his kindness is his strongest suit. With the support and encouragement of his dear friend Mr. Preetham Murva, our Founder’s simple hobby of spending time with underprivileged children has developed into Fly Higher (FHI) which now touches thousands of lives across India.


Many years of devoting time and resources to fulfil various needs of the less fortunate children, has helped Vishal obtain an in-depth understanding of their lives, routines, strengths and requirements. He observed how the children craved for human connection more than material gratification. “I always loved how I was welcomed by grinning kids yelling ‘Vishal Bhaiya!’ even before they saw the candies I had brought” recalls Vishal fondly.


Once Vishal moved from Kolkata to Bangalore in June 2017, he knew what he had to do. With the right friend Preetham by his side, Fly Higher started spreading its wings by June 2018. The outstanding feedback from the management of various schools, the enthusiasm of the children and the volunteers was all the fuel they needed to move ahead.

With his ever so cheerful smile Vishal says “They should be able to dream too, to aspire and to face the world confidently. We knew we had to do something; something to empower them and to make their future brighter. To give them wings, wings to Fly.. and help them Fly Higher!”

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