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Why FHI.. by Mariya Chandiwala

By Volunteer Mariya Chandiwala, FHI Rajkot 

My parents while practicing other important facets of parenting made it a point to make me realize of my privileged lifestyle. How millions of people out there don’t even receive a days meal.. while I was fed with bread laced with butter. They wanted me to be thankful. But they also instilled in me an innate need to give to people who are just as smart and able as me but didn’t have the basic necessities like food, clothing, shelter, education, proper medication, etc.

While doing a little social work here and there for instance collection of funds for NGO’s in school, along with friends taking a cake to a school in the slums from our pocket money, I thought I did my part in giving back.

But the social worker in me took a back seat with the humdrum of growing up and priorities. But when I met a couple of people on a trek in Himalayas who ran their own NGO to help kids in rural areas with their education and a woman who rigorously worked to improve primary education in government schools in Pune, I realised I wasn’t using my capabilities to do enough. I wasn’t even close to helping anyone out. Then I learned about Fly Higher India – FHI from one of my friends. It seemed to me like a shinning and fit opportunity to help the future generation.

I have only been to one of the events of FHI yet, but I can say with confidence that they are successfully bringing change among the deprived kids. Providing them with opportunities to realise their worth through varied activities, helping them find their passion and talents through artistic activities, spreading awareness about matters of great importance like hygiene and education, etc.

What resonated about FHI with me is the fact that they work for the betterment of next generation. They help kids from poverty stricken background. They help them with varied ways. FHI in each city works in their own special way towards the same goal of helping kids. Giving a particular theme to work with kids each month is a great initiative, because this way the kids will benefit with a variety of knowledge and understanding that they won’t learn otherwise. It will broaden their view of the world, help them gain perspective at a young age and open doors of opportunities for them in future.

Working with kids in a safe, happy and fun environment gives FHI the edge to impact lives of these kids at large & I am happy to be a part.

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