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What I’ve learnt by Ankit Swami

By Volunteer Ankit Swami, FHI Lucknow

In our society, one thing that I have observed is that it’s easy to suppress a person that is weak, weakness being physical, mental or the financial state of a person. We as adults mistake kids to be weak and suppress them. We tend to scold them, be impatient and impose our ways of thought on them. However, one thing we should know is that with time, every child will blossom into a stronger person. We should learn to be more patient with them and involve ourselves in their activities and treat them like our friends. We should also take a page out of their book by being a child at heart. The carefree and childlike behaviour of children that we mistake as weakness is the respite we need from the adult world full of tension and difficulties.

What really came to me, working with FHI, was that kids don’t look at adults the same way we look at them. Instead, they look up to us, thinking not with their mind but with their heart. We should reciprocate this quality in children. Teaching them things in our way will not make any change. Observing the wholesome qualities and tendencies of children, being friendly and patient with them will help them learn and grow changing ourselves for the better in this process.

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