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Unleashing prowess By Uppasana Baruah

By Volunteer Uppasana Baruah, FHI Guwahati

‘Children should be taught how to think not what to think.’

As a volunteer for FHI, I have come across fascinating children teeming with lots of kindness, curiosity, and a naïve mind, ready to imbibe anything that’ll be put up for them. These young children reflect the future of a country. They are the building blocks for tomorrow. I personally feel I’m lucky enough to have found my childhood filled with teachers and mentors who have always been supportive of me to mould my mind and expand my thoughts. They taught me how to think and process and develop my skills. Not everybody is lucky enough to have encouraging mentors by their side, pushing them to break the barricade.

Hence, we must come together for these underprivileged children who have a big world lying ahead for them to conquer. They must be taught to broaden their mind, to broaden their faith, to learn to give chance to their thoughts.

Children should be given opportunities to hone their skills but most importantly, they must be taught to find their passion. And they must be made to believe that passion is the fire to life. That nothing can stop a person from chasing his passion if he strives hard for it diligently. They must be taught that honing one’s abilities and working towards perfecting them, can do wonders in the future. That, talent and hard work never go wrong. That skill can make one earn more than what a degree could ever. It is of grave necessity to make sure we, the volunteers, give them hope to see beyond their limits.

Whenever I have visited the young children as part of my volunteering, I have always found hidden talents among the children, whether boy or girl. They know to dance, sing, draw and all the constraints in the world do not stop them from learning further. It’s inspiring to see children showcase their talents that they have honed themselves.

Being a volunteer, we are laden with the responsibility to ensure that each time we meet these children, we make them believe in themselves and the power of their mind.

It is rightly said, ‘children need models not critics’. Thus we, being the volunteers, should try our best to act as guides for them to make them understand the purpose of enhancing their skills and abilities.

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