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Unfiltered Happiness by Payal Pal

By Volunteer Payal Pal, FHI Mumbai 

Heal the soul first, then the healing of the mind and body will follow. This was the core of the event held by ‘Fly Higher India NGO – FHI’ in the month of May ’19.

This was my second event with FHI, each event opening up spaces I wanted to.. since a very long time. I eased effortlessly through the first one, but the May’19 event theme drew me towards it the moment I heard as I recognize that I feed my body with too much negated feelings and it was time to feed the foremost part of ourselves, “Soul” I have always cocooned myself and FHI is helping me break free from it.


Then began the activities but there was a 10 minute time that made me smile every time I think about it. Among the children was a girl named, Shreya. She held my hand and started to swing it while having a conversation. She wanted to dance and enquired if I did. I answered with a “Nahi” (no). Surprised she asked me, “Kyun Nahi” (”Why not?”) and then followed by listing out her favourite songs and then said that she could dance to any given song. I thought.. we all need that kind of rhythm in our lives and just dance.. right?



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