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Twenty-20 for 2020 by Afshin & Hardik

By Volunteer Afshin Sayyed (FHI Mumbai) & Hardik Arora (FHI Surat)


All New Year wishes are coming to an end and so is the motivation to endure our resolution that will end with the passing days. As resolutions are part of a new start, it’s our chance to upgrade oneself for betterment of both the individual and the society. So, let us try to make a resolution we can keep a hold on throughout the year and beyond.

Our 20s, i.e. 21 years – 29 years of age, provide us with the most life changing opportunities that sets apart our identity as an individual. But giving your best shot in your 20s demands for early years of preparation, right? We often face adverse consequences due to the lack of understanding, knowledge and skills. Yes, life is all about learning but isn’t it better to minimize our mistakes and maximize the chances of development? And how amazing is it if you can play your role in making someone’s 20s more fruitful as well?

With Fly Higher India – FHI, we interact with hundreds of children who are in their preparatory phase. To give them the best knowledge of life, to show them the key for development and to inculcate life skills is what we work for. In 2020, we want to make this give and take process more efficient by performing 20 times better from our side so that the children are at their best to face life, to choose the right path and come up as amazing individuals by designing their 20s in the best way possible.

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