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Treating our nature better by Tushar Dravid

By Volunteer Tushar Dravid, FHI Bangalore

“Man cannot live without nature; But the nature can live without man“

I remember this quote from my 8th standard syllabus, but it took me almost 2 decades to understand the importance of it. This thought popped up in my mind when I actually involved myself in something which can help treat our nature better and I am out of words to say thank you to FHI – Fly Higher India for giving this wonderful opportunity.

My journey with FHI Bangalore team started with the emphasis on the 3R’s ie. Reduce – Reuse – Recycle and educating kids of the importance of sustainability which was the focus area for the month of December 2019.

The session which the team conducted on the segregation of dry and wet wastes was indeed an informative one. Then we moved on to prepare various crafts out of old newspaper and greetings made out of household wastes. An interactive session with kids was conducted by FHI Co-Founder Preetham Murva which helped the kids understand the importance of 3R and their uses in our daily lives. In totality it was a great experience to share what we know and to learn something too.

I must call this as my golden chance to help, to educate, to interact, and to learn things that i didn’t know, I thoroughly enjoyed every moment I spent and am very satisfied about being a part of this organisation. This event took out the kid inside me and to know my responsibility in educating the next generation. I would always cherish this, a huge thanks to FHI for making me a part of this event and your beautiful family.

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