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Treating our nature better by Tushar Dravid

By Volunteer Tushar Dravid, FHI Bangalore

“Man cannot live without nature; But the nature can live without man“

I remember this quote from my 8th standard syllabus, but it took me almost 2 decades to understand the importance of it. This thought popped up in my mind when I actually involved myself in something which can help treat our nature better and I am out of words to say thank you to FHI – Fly Higher India for giving this wonderful opportunity.

My journey with FHI Bangalore team started with the emphasis on the 3R’s ie. Reduce – Reuse – Recycle and educating kids of the importance of sustainability which was the focus area for the month of December 2019.


I must call this as my golden chance to help, to educate, to interact, and to learn things that i didn’t know, I thoroughly enjoyed every moment I spent and am very satisfied about being a part of this organisation. This event took out the kid inside me and to know my responsibility in educating the next generation. I would always cherish this, a huge thanks to FHI for making me a part of this event and your beautiful family.


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