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Towards greater heights by Blessy R

By Volunteer Blessy R, FHI Chennai 

Happiness will withstand, when you lend a helping hand.

Money can bring anything to you. A luxurious life, the latest technologies, the best possible education, man-power and a lot more. But what about love, care, happiness and attention?

It is something we get only when we talk to others, share their happiness and sadness, lend a helping hand and be a support to them. As a member of the FHI family, we gain the opportunity to travel roads that help us reach the kids who are in need of love and care.

Looking at the kids, we get a new hope for life. Spending time with them makes us understand what real happiness is. Talking with them gives us the hope to lead our life with joy even when we are all by ourselves. Teaching them activities and skills leaves us with the heartwarming emotion of contentment and the serendipity of having made an impact.

What more can we need from life after we have succeeded in putting a smile on someone’s face?

As a team, when we meet every single time with the motive to teach the kids something new and different, we increase the confidence, rapport and teamwork amongst ourselves while honing our own capabilities and creativity. We get to learn values and use them in our life. We are becoming more humane every day.

“We can’t do everything

But can contribute something.

Teach and reach the unknown,

That’s how real love is shown.

Let the light of happiness glow

To all the places where we go.

As one Beautiful FHI team,

Flying higher; that’s our dream.”

Thank you, FHI, for bringing us together in this journey of life. We’ll take every single step with renewed vigor to reach greater heights and leave a lingering impact on the young minds that we come across.

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