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Towards a Better Version of Myself by Uppasana Baruah

By Volunteer Uppasana Baruah, FHI Guwahati

There’s so much you can learn from children which adults usually are indifferent to. After becoming a member of FHI, I have been involved in instilling life skills among underprivileged children. I have had the pleasure to help children learn art, crafts, singing and dancing with the added delight of bonding and interaction with them. All these events have been so fulfilling and encouraging not only for the children but also for the volunteers.

I have realized, after having spent such a beautiful time with these kids, that it’s not just them, it’s also us needing a rekindle of the basic values of bonding, helping and understanding. Today everything is so fast paced, that we forget besides education, success and money, there is a world needing compassion, love and affection. That one helping hand can do wonders, that one person’s generosity can calm a storm in another’s life. These are the aspects of life we don’t pay much heed to. We are so busy with our lives, battling problems and pursuing desires, that the smallest acts of kindness and being gentle are disregarded by everyone.

All these thoughts I couldn’t fathom as much previously, came to me in the form of an epiphany only after meeting these children. Surely, I have evolved and have grown into a more understanding individual. I have grown to learn that it’s never too late to learn to show compassion and inculcate values in oneself to become a better person.

There’s so much in store for me to learn. In the coming days, I am sure as I meet more of these children, together we are going to imbibe all things good. I feel blessed to have gotten the opportunity to improve myself with these children to become a better human being.

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