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This year, let’s do better by Parth & Neha

By Volunteer Parth Makhwana (FHI Rajkot) & Neha Dalwani (FHI Surat)

How do people react when you say, “I’m working for an NGO”? The very first question you’ll face is “What is the need?”

We live in a money-oriented society and people here do things just for the sake of keeping currency notes in their fancy wallets, which is indeed not wrong and necessary, but we are just living for ourselves, our family and our loved ones. We often forget that there are people and children who sleep without having food while we dine in 5-star restaurants. While we’re busy adjusting our blankets to get proper sleep, someone out there is sleeping without a blanket or without any shelter. Why are we so busy in our world that we just ignore what’s happening around us?

Fly Higher India – FHI is giving millennials a platform to take a step to make India’s future bright, with the help of educating those who are deserving but unfortunate. We, as volunteers, can be their lights on a dark road. We can teach them how to walk without the fear of getting lost. We can show them the path to walk on.

Being a volunteer isn’t easy. You’ve to constantly try to do your best, put that extra effort, go the extra mile. You never know whose life you’re turning around by putting that extra effort.


So, let us think about taking some steps for the little hearts of the FHI family.

  1. Active role: An active role means being present, both physically and mentally. Volunteers are guiding hands for the children and proper guidance will nurture them. Being around kids and teaching them shouldn’t be a burden. Events are meant to be a happy place for both the volunteers and the children and for this, we need to be active and present.

  2. New activities: Teaching in a fun way is how we educate our children. Simply telling them 2+2=4 is not how we do it; instead of teaching theoretically, we try to explain each and everything practically. Children will remember whatever is taught to them in a fun manner. Making learning fun is our job and coming up with a new activity each time, is how we make new things happen.

  3. Personal interaction: When we enter the event venue, we see hundreds of smiling faces that convince us that the children are happy. But are they? Are those smiles real? You never know what a person is going through unless you interact with them. It is very important to connect with the children and listen to them so as to understand what is going on inside them. It may not be necessary that everyone is fighting a battle inside themselves but for those who are, it is our duty to help them win those battles.

  4. Educational visits: We visit new places almost everyday while those children don’t. Every once in a while, an educational visit for children should be arranged. To make them learn public manners, give them proper knowledge; this may not be required now but it is important for them to learn new things so as to shape them for the future.

  5. Health camps: Proper health camps should be organized every month to make sure the children aren’t suffering from any kind of diseases, for basic health check-ups and to educate them about diseases, self care, hygiene and eating habits.

  6. Motivational lectures and meditation: Sometimes, we all need someone to tell us that we can do it, which helps us when we need a little push. All we need is to hear that it’s not impossible. Children need that too. Sometimes, they just need someone to tell them that they’re the best and can achieve whatever they hope to achieve. Words have that superficial power to make the impossible happen. A regular dose of motivation can make a journey easier than it is. Meditating is how you take control of your mind. Before beginning every event, help children practice meditation and gratitude. Just 15 minutes of peace is totally worth it.

“Now, it’s time to write a new story. Let’s make 2020 better for ourselves and for children. Let’s be kind to everyone. This year, let’s do better.”

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