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The other side of chaos by Prachi Singh

By Volunteer Prachi Singh, FHI Indore

It’s been just 5 months since, I have shifted to the city Indore. For an introvert like me, it was extremely stressful to cope up in this new city. And so, I have seen what has possibly been my lowest points during this period and truly it all drained me hugely from inside, I was all chaos with so many questions inside my head but, someone has rightly said, the answers of our questions lie on other side of chaos. And so, I decided that now it’s the time to get out of my shell. So, enthusiastically I started randomly searching for the nearby places to explore this vibrant and overcrowded city. While scrolling on internet, I found “FHI” -“Fly Higher India”  that’s where I felt a sense of curiosity to reach out to it.. as, I always wanted this. I always dreamt of working with a NGO and helping people who aren’t so privileged. So, without giving it a second thought I joined “FHI”.

But, as I was new in this city and the shelter homes which were decided for conducting the events were quite far from my residence so, because of my protective parents I wasn’t able to attend a single event. But, the thing which was going inside me was quite intense and so, this wasn’t the end of it. And, then there was this day when I actually became a part of “FHI” by attending my first event. I had never got the privilege to travel alone till 22nd December 2019 when “FHI” conducted their event on the theme of ” 3R principle ie. Reduce – Reuse – Recycle. And, luckily this time I convinced my parents to allow me to travel alone. It was going to be a whole new experience.


My first experience was awesome. Personally, that one day gave me enough peace and knowledge that would be my motivation for fighting battles in my head. I think, I still have to learn many things from these kids. As, Life is just a moment between life and death, and I’m glad that I got a chance to create some beautiful moments and to learn new ways to see this life through the eyes of these wonderful kids and people I met, just because of “FHI”.


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