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The not-so-little little things by Adhithya Mohan

By Volunteer Adhithya Mohan, FHI Kochi

Letters make a word, words make a sentence, sentences make a para, paragraphs make a chapter and chapters together could make a book – quite possibly, a great one.

Everything in this world, no matter how great or complex, is built on a meaningful organization of simple things. Similarly, one who cannot be happy with little things won’t be able to find happiness in big things either. And I have learnt this through the platform that FHI has provided. After coming back from every event, I have felt a tsunami of happiness forming in the ocean of my heart, the kind of happiness I can’t really put into proper words. I have realized that you don’t have to look for specific reasons to smile, all you need to do is appreciate every moment in life and practise gratitude towards the Almighty.

Had I ever thought that I would have the nerve to laugh with these kids incessantly?

Had I ever thought that just spending time with someone whom I don’t even know would give me such extensive happiness?

Answer to both the questions is the same, a big fat no! For a long time, I believed that only certain things can bring me happiness and how wrong I was. Now knowing that little things can make me happy, I feel blessed because it’s the kind of quality that everyone wishes to possess but only a few do.

I feel extremely grateful for being able to volunteer in FHI because otherwise I would have still thought that little things can’t keep me happy for a long time and would have been stuck in a vicious cycle of unhappiness and greed my entire life. This self-realization is teaching me to see the beauty in everything and everyone and thus helping me become a better person!

Don’t ever hold the wrong belief that you can experience true happiness only in sipping expensive wine donning designer clothes in an exotic sea-facing mansion in a private island. Trust me, true happiness lies in the little things in life!

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