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Striving for improvement should never cease by Deepika & Nidhi

By Volunteers Deepika Deshwari, FHI Indore and Nidhi Lohia, FHI Kolkata

With New Year come great new opportunities for us to improve ourselves, our patterns, and work on our abilities to deliver better. And we at Fly Higher India – FHI are determined to not stop until we get there.

In 2020, we wish to develop strategies while keeping a check on the outputs, whether they live up to our expectations or not. This can be done by making a detailed action plan which would clarify and ensure our set goals and how to work upon it.

Communication is the most essential element to ensure progress. So, we should try and communicate with the children in a much more open and intimate manner to analyse their problems and how can we solve them.

We would like to work more with differently abled children, helping them garner basic education and aiding them in honing different skills which can prove to be life changing for them.

By testing the waters, if the existing as well as the new activists are ready to commit to the cause. Their zeal and enthusiasm will act as a guiding force and help us to develop a better connection and contribute more.

Efforts should be made to make the children more aware about the outside and real world so that they can be more prepared, to survive on their own, once they step into it.

While there can be many course of actions and techniques, but, if the implementation isn’t done accurately, it would be of no avail. With more volunteers joining this noble cause, and with better understanding between the team members, implementation and execution is bound to be of the highest standard.

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