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Story behind the first steps to Goodness by Md. Aftab Alam

By Volunteer Md. Aftab Alam, FHI Kolkata

In my childhood, whenever I used to see anything wrong happening with anybody, I used to feel very bad. And I used to wish If I had some super-power I would have definitely helped them and removed the problems and difficulties from their life. But I was unable to do anything at that time. That was the point at which I got motivated to do social good and support the people who need any help that I can do for them.

But in today’s world, helping an unknown person can put us in trouble. They may be a fraud and cheat us, loot us or harm us in the name of seeking help. These frauds may take the advantages of the feelings and kindness of the innocent people.


With FHI, I get a trusted platform to help the no so privileged children to share some new skills that would help them in their future and make them better prepared for adult life.

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