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So what did you learn today? by Jaanvi Sharma

By Volunteer Jaanvi Sharma, FHI Chennai

I joined FHI to create a positive impact in the society – to help the not-so-privileged children by teaching them skills that would last a lifetime and benefit them in someway or the other, but each time I visit the children’s homes, the golden values I learn in return pleasantly surprise me. I treasure each and every minute spent with them.

I’ve been a part of FHI for quite some time and have visited many children’s homes. Each home is a world of its own – having a different energy, a zest for life. Every time I walk into a home, I take some learning back, and one of the prominent learnings has been empathy. Interacting with children has truly made me more empathetic! Spending time with children has also taught me to be calmer and take the happenings of life lightly and sportively.

The children we teach always smile and take part in all the activities we engage them in very enthusiastically. Even if it’s a simple activity, they perform it with such creativity that I wonder what makes these tiny heads so imaginative. Being with them has made me realise that they accept life as it is at their young age. They don’t have complaints like ‘oh why don’t I have this, whereas the other kids do?’ which never ceases to amaze me. They don’t have complaints but rather have dreams that they want to achieve, and that is completely possible if they try hard enough and luck favours them. It’s their amiable innocence, which has brought positive changes in me.

It’s so noticeable that every time I come home from an FHI event, my paati asks me, “So what did you learn today, Jaanvi?”

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