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Shine Bright Like Stars by Radhika Mookerjee

By Volunteer Radhika Mookerjee – FHI Kolkata 

Joy is watching a starry sky with luminous bursts of wonder.

Children are the stars and diamonds who light up every life that associates with them. In a world full of possibilities, there are millions of children who lack the privilege to access resources that would foster their growth.

Fly Higher India NGO – FHI based out of Bangalore, takes a step forward to create a way of life that would give support and enable the kids to realise their potential and step up with confidence to face any challenge that comes their way. Through fun-filled activities and educative content FHI aims at nurturing every child from their roots, by teaching life-skills and creating awareness among them. The Government has implemented many schemes to improve the education and lifestyle of the under privileged children, but still has a long road to cover as far as attainment of life-skills is possible.

FHI initiated to bring a change by taking little steps, through organising various activities in non-governmental organisations in different cities across the country. When I first joined Fly Higher India (FHI) in 2018, little did I know what a wonderful experience was awaiting me. Enthusiastic volunteers with a whole new set of creative ideas in The City Of Joy, Kolkata – geared up for events – ‘Mudita’ and ‘ Saksham’ – through art out of waste and planting seeds, children learnt the value of preservation and utilization, core skills which create a sense of responsibility in children. Teaching them the importance of planting trees and the value of our environment, would create the aware citizens of the future.

An organisation teemed with the spirit of educating and improving lives of children, Fly Higher India has broadened its spectre and is spread across several states from our National Capital Delhi, to The City of Joy Kolkata, Mumbai to Chennai, Bangalore to Surat, Jaipur To Pune and many more cities.

Activities involving safety measures to learning the importance of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, children show active participation and the broad smiles across their faces and their eagerness to learn helps boost the organisation and volunteers towards achieving their goal of development among the stars of the future. Tiny steps towards growth and happiness enables us to make a difference, through analysing the differences and focussing on key issues such as life skills.

“ Children are our most valuable resource”- Herbert Hoover, 31st President Of the United States had once stated the same.

Society would be stagnant if a child were not to realise their true potential, this is one of the key issues that FHI has worked upon since the onset. Helping children come in touch with their talents gives them a sense of joy, hope and fills them with compassion which indeed is an essential element for growth.

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