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Reduce – Reuse – Recycle with FHI by Piyush Mahendra Vibhandik

By Volunteer Piyush Mahendra Vibhandik, FHI Nashik

In our day to day life we think of studies, merit, graduation and of-course our career. One such day in 2019 I realised that this year will also end just like the previous ones. It seemed the year went very fast. Traveling, studying, socializing, that’s all I did. I wanted to do something constructive before the start of new year which will make me satisfied. Working with an NGO was always on my To-Do list. I came in touch with Fly Higher India – FHI and instantly connected to become a volunteer. I was very enthusiastic for my very first event & was eager to start working for it and the theme was Reuse, Reduce and Recycle.

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Reuse, Reduce and Recycle the 3 ‘R’s this are the three great ways we can protect our environment. We were a group of 11 volunteers who visited a particular slum area in Nashik and gathered the children staying nearby and we were quite happy to see the enthusiasm amongst the children to attend and be a part of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle activities. 40 to 45 kids gathered around. Moreover, some parents and guardians were also present for the event which motivated us more. To start the event, we narrated the topic and shared the motto behind we being there. We started this event in an interactive session to get information from children what they think about the 3 ‘R’s. Many of the children knew about Recycling and Reusing items. We tried our best to explain about reusing of resources, reusing materials in their original form instead of throwing them away, or pass those materials on to others who could use them too.

We also explained them about Plastic waste. We use plastics in virtually every shape and form in our daily lives. Plastic is just everywhere! We love it because it is waterproof, relatively cheap, durable and versatile. Plastic makes our lives convenient, disposable, and easy, but most people rarely think about the ill effects it has on the environment.

To start this session we carried some waste plastic bottles, old newspapers with us to engage children into activities of waste management and reusing old plastic bottles and newspapers in useful products. We distributed newspaper amongst the children’s and taught them making paper bags and they enjoyed this activity a lot, secondly we distributed plastic bottles amongst kids and taught them making best from waste plastic bottles, making a mug shaped hanging water filler hang in nature for birds, using plastic bottles as pen holders or dispensers etc. These children were a bundle of creative heads, they fully enjoyed making best useful products and knew the importance of reuse and with a motto to reduce use of hazardous waste and plastic products.

All in all an event filled with creative children who were eager to learn new things and reciprocate the zeal of saving environment they motivated us to reach more and more children and spread awareness to all, this all made my day and an event full of beautiful memories and supportive volunteer friends I am up to FLY HIGHER for the upcoming events.

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