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Rays of happiness by Lathika Jain

By Volunteer Lathika Jain, FHI Chennai

“Happiness has different definitions“ – and I would say one of it would be being with kids. Kids who find their happiness in small little things, those who have a real smile in this fake world. We visit orphanages with family on certain occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries, where I use to feel I should spend more time with them, to spread happiness and share knowledge with them. I use to read blogs and posts of people about their experience and happiness on being part of such experiences and I always use to think of joining an organisation which would allow me to do the same. I got to know that two of my friends are a part of an organisation called “FLY HIGHER INDIA – FHI“, thus even I decided to be a part.

FHI which is spread all over India and creating such happiness is the best thing for a person to do. It’s a therapy of happiness, a break from your daily routine and especially bringing smiles on the face of various kids. FHI helps in sharing knowledge and many other things which can never be covered with the knowledge given by books. Books is not always a thing which can give us knowledge, in fact learning from books is not even half of the knowledge which a person acquires. Learning has no age limit, we learn at every step of our life and spreading knowledge always increases knowledge and FHI has given me the chance to be a part of it and spread knowledge to so many.


This was one such event where the kids had fun activities and knowledge building topics. FHI has good organisers where they make sure that children also have fun and build themselves. So here we asked the kids to build a tower with balloons so they had fun while blowing balloons and building them. There was another activity where they had to solve problems which we all face in our daily lives. We divided them in groups with two three volunteers in each group, each child had to come up with a solution. The third activity was budgeting in which we gave them a budget and asked them to get all their needs in the given budget for a week. The kids where very smart. Through these activities we get a good opportunity to be with them and find small joys in their life. In this way we can learn how happiness can be found even in the little thing.

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