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Rani ki kahaani by Shreya Saha

By Volunteer Shreya Saha, FHI, Guwahati

“Children are faces of God” I’ve always heard this as a kid. And now when I’m mature enough I can understand why.

Basically I have two stories related to my life because of which I’m a part of Fly Higher India – FHI now.

Story I:

As a kid I had everything I needed. Actually I had more than whatever I needed, more love, more care, more toys and what not. I can’t remember if there was a single day where I struggled for anything. And I used to think all the kids had same childhood as me, with two loving parents and lots of toys. But I was nine when I met ‘Rani’ my maid’s daughter who was almost my age. Her mother once bought her to our house as there was some problem going on and she couldn’t leave Rani alone. I remember she was sitting in a corner and didn’t speak with anyone. It was after I offered her to play with me, she came. After they left I asked my mother about her. She said “Rani’s mother used to go out for work at 7am in the morning, and Rani used to say back home all alone.” I used to hate school, like many kids but Rani didn’t even get to go to school. My mom said she had a very bad childhood, her father was an alcoholic and used to beat her mother for money and one fine day he just left and never returned. Since than she grew up without a father, which was hard to believe as I can never imagine my life without my dad. That day I realised “not everyone had the same childhood”.

While I was going to school, Rani was helping her mother to earn money. When I refused to eat food and waste it she was hoping not to sleep with an empty stomach. We had such different childhoods.

Now, I can really understand what Rani was going through I couldn’t resist myself to help other children who are going through the same thing like Rani did. I was searching for an opportunity and FHI gave me the chance to help more children like Rani.


Story II:

As a kid I’ve always seen my father helping others. Whenever I asked him why was he doing so he use to say “We are lucky to avail the basic facilities for our living.. But there are many people who can’t avail those facilities, and doing everything so that they can afford those. When we can help someone we should. It won’t cost us much but it will mean the world to them”. I didn’t understand then, but I do now.

While scrolling through internet I read about FHI and I immediately joined it. This was my chance to walk on my father’s footprint.

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