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Out of the Box Thinking

Text by Regional Coordinator Nupur Shah, FHI Mumbai

On the 6th of July, 2019 FHI’s Bangalore Team conducted an educative and fun-filled event at Parikrma Humanity Foundation on the theme ‘Out of the Box Thinking’. This theme focuses on nurturing innovative thinking and creative problem solving abilities in children. This was executed by introducing the children to the concept of multi-directional thinking and encouraging them to approach problems in unique ways. The event coordinators and volunteers planned, designed and carefully selected activities which would be apt for the children’s age and interest. One of the most value-adding activities was the Paper Plate Model & Branding – here the students were divided into small groups and were given paper plates and few other basic materials like colours, glue, etc., to work with. The task was to use their imagination and convert the given paper plates into something innovative. At the end, it was elating to see those young minds come up many useful paper products out of scratch. The task then continued where they had to brand and sell the products they made to FHI volunteers. praise worthy.

Another activity conducted was Make the Best Out of the Waste. Here, the kids were provided with empty plastic bottles and the aim as the name goes was to suggest the best way to make a resourceful item of it. Under the supervision of our enthusiastic volunteers, the bottles were converted into colourful pen stands, storage containers and even flowering pots. This activity also proved to be the most liked one as they all took their products with them after the event to continue and use them.

Another entertaining activity was Spin a Tale where students had to complete a story by adding sentences to the initial sentence given by the volunteers. This activity helped stimulate their ingenuity, presence of mind and creative thinking. Many more of such value-adding activities were conducted throughout the event and the whole room was filled with laughter and learning the entire afternoon. The session was a remarkable one, by the end of which the children gleefully shared their learning takeaways with the volunteers and the management. The enthusiasm and excitement expressed by the kids of Parikrma Humanity Foundation is undoubtedly praise worthy.

This motivated them to come up with product names and impressive sales pitch for their items.

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