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Never Stop Learning by Neha Dalwani

By Volunteer Neha Dalwani, FHI Surat

Who said children know nothing about the world? Children know exactly how to live life carefree, without getting obsessed with materialistic pleasures. They are the ones who know how to live life to the fullest without letting the world know through social media, they are the ones who will smile widely for pictures without caring about how they look. Sometimes all you need is to look at a child full of enthusiasm to have your worries wiped away. A conversation with a child is the best free therapy in the whole world.

The list of lessons I have learnt from children is pretty long, so here I’m sharing the ones I consider most prominent:

1. Finding happiness: How do you find happiness? Where do you look for happiness? What do you require to be happy? The latest smart phone or a fancy dinner or maybe a luxury trip can decide your state of mind!

We work for unfortunate children who don’t own an up-to-date phone, or probably never go for a movie. But yet they have this million dollar priceless smile on their faces, they own nothing but happiness.

I’ve learnt that whatever life gives you, whatever it takes from you, whatever you’re facing or the struggle you’re going through – there’s always one thing you can do to turn the table around, it’s to be HAPPY.

2. Imitating what they see: Children do what you do. If you laugh they laugh, if you dance they dance, if you are upset they also become upset, if you tell them they’re the best they believe they are the best. When they believe what you show or tell them, why not we just try to give off positive vibes to every person we meet and watch them they turn out feeling better.

What I have learnt is, whenever I mistakenly get angry on children, they smile back. That smile melts you, calms you down.

So why don’t we try to smile or stay silent if the other person is angry? I guess that would make a huge difference on both the parties.

3. Staying positive: I’m at that stage of my life where there’s no room for negativity, all I need to make my day is positive vibes, positive people – nothing but positivity. One can definitely learn from children how to be positive through thick and thin.

Children have this magical power of being positive no matter what. When you’re a child, you believe people scold you for your own good, and you take it as a good lesson. But things go totally opposite when you’re a grown up.

4. Less comparing, more taking action: Children’s dictionaries don’t have the word comparison. For them, whoever does better than them is their inspiration and whoever does worse needs help to do better. Instead of envying the success of other people, they celebrate with them. Instead of belittling those who’re doing not-so-great, they assist them in doing a better job.

So why don’t we celebrate every little achievement of ours and of the people around us? Why don’t we stop criticizing people and start understanding their journey? Why don’t we help people do better instead of taking pride in whoever we are?

This year let’s make a promise to ourselves to be optimistic in every situation, keep our minds open to learning and stop comparing ourselves with others.

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