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Need for Belonging by Harleen Kaur

By Volunteer Harleen Kaur, FHI Jaipur

Social good as described is ‘good for and to the masses’- something that benefits the general public. Born in a privileged family with no concerns whatsoever, I had an easy childhood. As I grew up, I witnessed the extent of distinctions, I realized the childhood I had was not common to all, in-fact it was just ideal. The importance of a safe and warm childhood is just so vital for the development of an individuals personality.

The underprivileged section of the society remain untouched by the opportunities to develop and to showcase their potential in this fast moving world. This difference and the realization of the need for the development and a safe belonging in this world is what motivated me to do ‘good’.

“Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world”― Desmond Tutu

Browsing through social media and pondering over the time I was wasting, I came across a picture of my fellow classmate Anubhav with some children. The joy that was radiating on their faces, that glow made me realize what exactly I was missing. A step towards what I entail the human world to be, a need to get-up-and-go to make a difference. So when I came across the chance to volunteer, I applied for it without a second thought. Knowing about this organisation was a boon, I could use my skills and education, to nurture and enhance the lives of the destitute.


Fly Higher India, a voluntary organisation works towards instilling life skills in the underprivileged children to make them future ready. It lays stress on not just the need for education, but also the need for life skills that have become very essential for distinction from the rest.

FHI gave me a platform to do some social good and to share my abilities with the weaker sections of the society that have been isolated. As a volunteer in FHI, I could connect with people and empower them and give my contribution in the formation of a progressive society and a better world.


It has also given me the opportunity to fulfil my passion, to grow as an individual and contribute towards a better human world. With inexplicable support and enthusiasm the FHI family has always been a place where no one is left out and where no one is ever alone. And the pleasure of working with like-minded people, with same drive as you is a delight. Participating in social good helped me contribute towards someone else’s life and fulfil my need for belonging, to build ourselves for our own sake.

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