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My journey through December by Dheeraj Razdan

By Volunteer Dheeraj Razdan, FHI Bangalore

Research shows that people who give to others feel good about themselves, boosting self-esteem and self-confidence. In a dynamic world, nature holds that equilibrium best, between growth and death, between selfishness and selflessness, to bridge the gap between the privileged and the underprivileged.

Fly Higher India – FHI is one such organisation that gives a platform to upskill children and helps create opportunities for people to share their knowledge and give back to society for a brighter future for all.

‘The life of a leaf doesn’t end when it falls off a tree’ A child of 8 gave me clarity on this message at our event in December ’19 when she curated a ‘thank you’ card out of recycled crayons and dried leaves. This event was part of a month-long campaign to promote Reduce Reuse and Recycle (3R) in order to teach the importance of sustainability. Her card perfectly emulated the emotions we were all feeling that day; fulfilment, gratitude and a newfound proficiency in creative and hygienic waste management.

Children are the most powerful torchbearers to a healthy future, educating them to be the most efficient they can be, with the resources they have, is pivotal in making this vision a reality. Through Fly Higher India, I coordinated 3 events in Bangalore over the course of December 2019 to bring awareness to this crucial environmental scene, at different schools and orphanages reaching out to over 200 children, to spark the thought, that each and every person is part of a larger picture; that we all equally contribute to a society where we aspire to improve and a future to be cleaner and free of waste.

“Small efforts go a long way in making a child learn and also feel special” these words by FHI Founder Vishal Mimani sums up the ethos instilled in every volunteer who strives to share the knowledge and experience they have gained in their life and educate others on the importance of sustainability. Children and their next generations will inherit this planet, and I aim to give a voice to all youngsters to express their insightful and creative visions about how they would like their world to be. But we cannot do this alone, along with Preetham Murva, the Co-founder of FHI and the thousands of volunteers in India; we aim to be the change-makers to achieve the goals. As we transition into 2020, let us all ensure that we continue this celebration of education, skill development and empower our children to have a voice about the future they wish to see.

From this journey as event coordinator of December 2019, these children left me with not only memories to be cherished, but a sense of duty and responsibility to push forward the dream of creating a brighter future for India, and the world, where we live sustainably, and aid those less fortunate to achieve their potential.

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