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My goal in FHI by Ranjan Krishna Paul

By Volunteer Ranjan Krishna Paul, FHI Raipur

As social animal’s (humans) we just have to figure out the right place where we feed ourself’s and our tribe from. Which will further help us to create a sustainable and healthy environment around us, and that’s what brings me to my axiom.

In the lights of global ramifications I would like to enlighten my thoughts on my beliefs, my own responsibility, my own honesty toward every single thing I do because a nation is built by honest and hard working people. And hardwork pays you some or the other day. And when it does it brings shelter, food, great family environment and good mental health with it.

The time when you have all the basic necessities to live you got to think about people around you. People less privileged, less than what you are. People who might just need few simple and basic words of encouragement, words of compassion and if you are good at it may be a heart to heart conversation.

Fly Higher India – FHI provides just that in more of a sorted way.

“What you tell your younger one’s is what you should always remember. Because they hardly forget”.

Children with not so good memories will create a relatively not so good future.

That’s what we are here for.

The soul goal of FHI is to ensure children and youth develop life skills and be better prepared for adult life. That’s what every nation needs and doing this with utter honesty is my goal in FHI.

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