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Measures to curb social evils by Suyog Ingle

By Volunteer Suyog Ingle, FHI Nagpur

We all know that our country has a recognition as an ‘Incredible India’ at global level and our country is worth of it indeed! Because unity & harmony in the people we have is of exceptional level despite having intense geographically, historically, artistically, religiously and culturally diversity. It’s absolutely the unbeatable strength of our country!

Although it sounds good to read out but if we look at micro level the scene is slightly contradictory! It’s because despite being in 21st century we still find persistence of several social evils in our country’s society which are weakening the strength of our country to a great extent and resulting into lack of opportunities to the underprivileged people especially women, threats to the fraternity, insecurities to the women etc. Out of these social evils few major includes:

  1. Casteism: Refers to the one-sided loyalty in favour of particular caste.

  2. Racial abuse: Refers to the thinking of someone inferior because of their color, ethnicity, nationality or race. This can result in them treating persons unfairly.

  3. Gender discrimination: Refers to any action that specifically denies opportunities, privileges or rewards to a person because of gender.

In regard of gender discrimination, one of the famous writer Munshi Premchand has beautifully quoted, “Radha could hang out with Krishna and I can’t go out without chaperone?”

It is quite obvious that eradication of these social evils is not one day task it needs adequate time & channelized efforts in terms of moral values, ethics, scientific approach etc. in order to minimize & eventually completely eradicate from the society. And for the same, I believe ‘parenting’ is one of the most crucial element as parents are the only persons those stay for maximum time around their children and children subconsciously imitate & adopt gesture, posture & habits of adults around them. This leads to the necessity of parents especially of rural area must possess these moral values, scientific approach, value of education, freedom, equality etc. Proper parenting can automatically inculcate these values into their children. And in long term, when these children will growup as people who will be able to identify social evils and will not promote such things in the society.

To convey positive message pertaining to these social evils to the children is also becomes the need of time. And this can be accomplished by continuously probing value of equality, freedom, education, fraternity, humanity etc. & implications of their absence to the children by parents with use different modes during their raising. These modes could include short films, attending plays which are moral value oriented, storytelling or activities which has correlation with adoption of these values, etc.

To curb these social evils FHI can adopt below measures into the functioning & their events:

  1. Introduction of the mechanism equipped with quality training module which will provide training & allow all or new volunteers to understand social evils, their causes & implications and measures to curb it.

  2. Introduction of sub committee that aims at finding innovative solution to curb social evils and also design plays or poetry that sheds light on presence of the social evils in current society to be demonstrated at the event.

  3. In addition to instilling life skills, spreading awareness of the social evils to the underprivileged parents those are deprived of education but their children are studying.

  4. Inclusion of moral value oriented plays, poetry, speeches in the event by volunteers in addition to activities carrying out for instilling life skills.

  5. Conducting event for the underprivileged & illiterate parents especially in rural area focusing on providing awareness on social evils, scientific approach, etc.

  6. Inclusion of social evils awareness & eradication into FHI’s objectives.

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