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Making a Difference by Heeral Solanki

By Volunteer Heeral Solanki, FHI Jaipur

Our actions play out to be an important part of who we are.

But when we are the ones who are guiding or teaching skills, actions help in building rapport and cooperation amongst people. With FHI, dedicating time and effort to such actions is a task that can add value to the lives of underprivileged children as well as our own.

I had my first event with FHI in January 2020. Interacting with the kids has been an eye-opener for me. The kids were ambitious and did not have the fear of failure. They made complete use of every resource given to them and were excited to learn new things. While communicating with the kids, I came across kids who were motivated enough to work hard to realize their dreams and achieve them. The biggest value that I acquired from them was to tackle little problems in life. I’ve developed a stronger and positive mindset. Also, taking out some time from the chaos in our personal lives for FHI, with the dream of being the change in the lives of these children, is very satisfying.

Change is a powerful thing. For us to bring change into someone else’s life in a positive way is the most beautiful feeling.

All in all, I found the experience with FHI truly enriching and inspiring. Everything we whine about every day is of least priority when you focus on making someone else smile and help them grow.

I recently heard this quote that really captures what I learned from my experience:

“The purpose of life is to be happy. And to be happy is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

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