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Love to Team FHI by Ankit Swami

By Volunteer Ankit Swami, FHI Lucknow

So lets start from the beginning, I grew up as a very emotional kid and felt really bad for the kids that did not have all the resources that a kid should have. However, I couldn’t do very much for them as I didn’t had enough money and time and now, it feels like an excuse.

As I’m in design, I love to observe things around me and the thing that really exhausted my soul was that our country has kids and youth in good count but all of them are not privileged enough to get the proper education and skills.

FHI is giving me the opportunity to meet all the kids whom I can teach some skills and guide them as I know enough about the mistakes I made and someone else can make.

I prefer more skills and knowledge about the field that makes you feel alive, than just a job that gives you money at the end of a month but nothing more than that.

Because in the end, money doesn’t excite you .

Well, I wish luck to my Fly Higher India – FHI buddies and want to thank you all. I really appreciate your efforts.

I wish we can organize more and more events so that we can reach out to more kids that are waiting for our push. LOVE TO TEAM FHI.

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