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Literacy With Morality by Harleen Kaur

By Volunteer Harleen Kaur, FHI Jaipur 

The world is changing, and so are its inhabitants and their values. Every day we hear or see instances of children involved in this dynamic change. These children are the future of our society. With their impressionable minds, they learn what they see. They have not yet developed the way to differentiate between what is right or not. They are invariably exposed to the evils residing in our world. We safeguard children from these evils and protect them; hence leaving them vulnerable and unaware of what it is. How will the children learn to walk confidently if we blindfold them? How will they be responsible and sensible to make correct decisions, if they are not shown the complete picture?

These young, naive and innocent hearts need to learn to distinguish between what is right by the lens of humanity. We reside in a progressive world, where we are still struggling to come out of the clutches of social evils. We need to prepare our children to understand and fight against these evils. This can be achieved by instilling good thoughts in them. Don’t evoke fear; rather create awareness in the heart and mind of the young generation.

“The mind once enlightened cannot again become dark” – Thomas Paine

Education is the most powerful weapon against these evils. Not just formal education, but literacy with moral education. Proper education is very essential in today’s time for children who will be the future of tomorrow.

Parents and guardians play a pivotal role in inculcating good values and morals in children. They should not just depend on school to educate the children about such issues prevailing in our society. A moral environment should be established around them; importance of values should be preached as well as practiced through examples. Social media has a huge role to play in the development of mannerisms especially in children. Supervision of media platforms should be carried out by the guardians to ensure that they are not badly influenced. There needs to be an unreserved conversation between guardians and teenagers about these issues.

Children should be made aware of the issues in the society and the everlasting impacts they have on an individual’s life. As it is said ‘We are the result of our own thoughts’; promotion of good values will lead to a society with strong morality and noble actions.

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