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Let’s make this world a lovable one by Hardik Arora

By Volunteer Hardik Arora, FHI Surat

Somewhere in our hearts we all crave for love, somewhere deep down inside we all wish to feel important, we all as a human beings needs love, care and affection. The only thing which inspired me to do social good was to see someone succeed in life. I came across a incident which changed the way I used to look at people. On 10th August 2018, I came across a teenager boy who was crying on the footpath, normally I don’t care about someone whom I don’t know but that day I don’t know what attracted me towards him and I asked him, why are you crying? His answer amazed me he said that his father was no more and his step mother has kicked him out of her house and he had nothing to eat, he was homeless and working in a grocery shop. On enquiring further I came to know that he has came to Surat to live with his siblings and they too turned their back. Since I was just 19, I could not help much in terms of finance but still I was there whenever he needed me in case of emotional support. He wanted to start a business for his financial growth, with Gods blessings he starting his business with little money he had collected from his job and I contributed a very small portion in his business venture. Now he owns a tea and vadapav stall near Kamrej Surat, and earns enough money to fulfill his basic needs and demands.

Fly Higher India – FHI is one of the rare NGO’s that really cares about the welfare of economically backward children. They aren’t like other NGO’s who make social work a business to earn money in the name of innocent children and also I joined FHI for my personal benefit. Also as FHI is an established NGO which gives a direct platform to new comers and makes it easy for new comers to contribute towards society.

FHI has really helped me in connecting with children and helping them in several ways. City coordinators of my city (Surat) are also giving their best in supporting the needy children and helping them achieving a bright and successful future. People who are reading this blog are living a dream life, but what about children who are underprivileged? We all are blessed with food to fill our tummy, blessed with love from our parents, care from our siblings and money to fulfill all our luxuries. With god’s grace and parents hard work we have all the neccessities, so why not share those with those in need. “Life is never fair to everyone but we can be”. Lets make this world lovable and help the needy.

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