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Lessons taught, Lessons learnt by Kratika Trivedi

By Volunteer Kratika Trivedi, FHI Lucknow

As humans, we have a tendency to look out more for ourselves – we search more, we traverse more; sometimes we empathise, sometimes we ignore, sometimes we realise, sometimes we understand and sometimes we absorb what we find fascinating and exceptional.

It’s been 2 months since I have been a part of Fly Higher India family, and in these two months I have had numerous realisations by interacting with the wonderful children. They have so much to offer, if we are willing to learn.

  1. When we interact with children, we learn – we learn about their dreams and aspirations, we learn about their values, we get a peek inside their minds and learn their honest thoughts and innocent ideas that fly high in the sky and seem unbounded!

  2. I have learnt that no matter what adversities we come across, we should always cherish the genuine smile on our faces. It enables us to deal with anything that is going to hinder our path.

  3. I have learned that dreams have no limits. When I heard them talking about their dreams like somebody wishes to become a policeman, somebody wishes to be a football player, someone wants to be a doctor, etc., I felt we all can dream as big as we wish! Nothing should act as a restraint for us because it is our imagination and we should allow it to flow freely!

  4. The best thing I learned was to be vulnerable – to be honest with our thoughts, with our words and our actions, with ourselves as a whole! A 12-13 year old girl was mature enough to make me realise this.

  5. They made me realise that no matter what you have or may not have; the thing which is most valuable is your confidence, which can outshine any negativity approaching you!

  6. I have learnt that our excitement is what makes us lively, what brings life to our nerves. We should get excited even in the little jerks of joyous moments that we bump against!

  7. They taught me that even if we are not that good at some field, we should never give up due to hesitation. Infact we must get into it, and try to extract whatever is possible! Perfection isn’t required, we just need to enjoy ourselves and let loose. For instance, in the last event I met 2 boys (Vikas and Neeraj) who weren’t into studies, yet they joined us enthusiastically and tried to do what we asked them to do!

  8. Some of them taught me how social interactions with strangers can be so interesting and enlightening. There is nothing to fear, nothing to be worried about and it is as easy as pie to vibe with others by being your real self!

  9. I learned the value of honest feedback – be it appreciative or critical, as it encourages improvement and growth. It can do magic by boosting one’s self-esteem!

  10. Looking at their desire to learn and their zeal to do the activities made me realise that we should always be energetic and keen to learn and grasp new things!

I have seen these children learning but I think I have learned more from them! Their enthusiasm and their beliefs, their inevitable spirit, their determination and their excitement, listening to their thoughts and being able to relate with them – it feels like a blessing to impart values and at the same time learn from them! It really brings sheer happiness and immense satisfaction to the heart and soul as they have so much to offer if we wish to learn!

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