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Learning knows no bounds by Nidhi Lohia

By Volunteer Nidhi Lohia, FHI Kolkata

Children are an epitome of innocence, simplicity, selflessness; they symbolize a perfect caricature of pure bliss, devoid of any malicious feelings and emotions which corrupt the adult mind. Children impart us valuable life lessons, which if incorporated into our daily lifestyle, can transform our lives for the better and I can testify this with my own experience, after coming across hundreds of underprivileged children who don’t forget to sport a smile on their young faces, even when their life has not been a smooth sail, when their path is strewn with innumerable obstacles.

Being a part of Fly Higher India – FHI, I have probably learned more than that I’ve imparted to these children and most of these being priceless life lessons. I’ve learnt to stay more focused and concentrate on a given task than to engage in haphazard multitasking, which only serves to ruin the work on maximum occasions. These young minds may remain agitated and bubbling with over enthusiasm most of the time, but nothing can distract them when they are provided a certain assignment to complete, until they bring it to fruitful conclusion.

I’ve learnt to count the small blessings of life, to not take anything for granted and to garner the virtue of contentment. These young, happy souls enjoy every moment of their life, they find happiness in the smallest of things which keep them going, despite the various hardships and this very quality is nothing short of an inspiration for everyone.

Learning knows no bounds, whether in the form of textual or practical life lessons and I have learnt a lot from these young souls and will probably continue to do so while volunteering with FHI.

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