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Learning Honesty, the Proverbial Way by Aashi Gupta

By Volunteer Aashi Gupta, FHI Bangalore 

‘Honesty is the best policy’ was one of the proverbs we used in an activity at our event.

The activity was ‘MATCHING THE PROVERBS’ wherein kids had to un-jumble the proverbs. Kids were pretty quick in identifying the above mentioned proverb, as it is a commonly quoted phrase in schools and textbooks. However, while growing up, this phrase has lost its essence in our lives so as to keep up with the cut throat world.

But while working with FHI, I got the opportunity to work with kids, and that in turn helped me realise the importance of honesty. Being honest with others is important, however, being honest with our own selves is even more important. If only we are honest with ourselves, would we be able to identify our strengths and weaknesses which in turn shall shape the kind of humans that we become.

Another aspect of honesty is being honest with your work. ‘Work is worship’, they say, and worship is nothing if it is not honest. We should give our hundred percent to whatever we plan to do, without worrying about the consequences. Honest efforts always lead to good results. This realisation came with me being one of the event co-ordinator for 2 events. We were honest and sincere with our efforts, and hence were able to conduct 2 successful events.

But, along with honesty and sincerity, a backup plan is always needed. FHI taught me the importance of backup plans. At one of our events, we had some outdoor activities planned, but due to heavy rains, we were not able to conduct the same. That’s when the importance of backup plans was realised. Things don’t always go as we plan them in the first place, so a plan B always comes handy when the paths get a bit rocky.

FHI has played a major role in helping me become a better version of myself in the last few months and I look forward to a lot more improvements and lessons in the upcoming future.

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