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Jab We Met by Afshin Sayyed

By Volunteer Afshin Sayyed, FHI Mumbai

“Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans” and I solely believe in the truth of this quote. We try to be on a safer side by living life with plans as I always believe “Man with a Plan” is considered to be sorted person. I was one of those, sorted with my plans. I was a girl dealing with things my way and life was good but life is much more than that, it’s about experiencing other plans while working on your own.

I am observant, and my observations trigger my emotions when it comes to children. More we grow-up more strong the observations become. Our streets are full of innocent children who have no direction and all these faces make me question.. Who will educate them? How can I make a difference to their lives? What will be their future? Don’t they have the right to be happy? Can I be the reason for their smile? Can I share what I have with them? Such questions were continuously breaking me from within. I was living my life but I was concerned about them, back then if somebody had asked me “what your heart really wants to do?” the answer would have been “to let these kids taste the true essence of life”, but unfortunately no one asked and my wishes remained in the closet.

There is right time for everything and my right time came with the introduction of Fly Higher India – FHI in my life. I was to no longer live my regular life with its ups and downs. FHI having a clear focus “to instill life skills” and what can be more inspirational than contributing in making children’s base strong for the best take off? I was very sure this is the plan for me.

I joined FHI and I was expected to contribute in the lives of thousands of children. Woah! I found a platform to address all my questions. I was so happy to be here.

A person has 3 basic needs of “Roti, Kapda, Makaan” but what really makes life going is inner peace and I found my inner peace with FHI. Being here is not restricted to just working for betterment of kids, it’s also about finding yourself as an individual, growing day by day, exploring your ideas, develop your confidence and indirectly exploring ONESELF as a human. I realized this after being part of FHI.

With passing days my connection with FHI has grown stronger and stronger as I experience this team working for a goal I always wanted to work for. That’s how my “Jab We Met” story with FHI became so special.

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