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It Is In Giving That We Receive by Harleen Kaur

By Volunteer Harleen Kaur, FHI Jaipur

Fly Higher India – FHI has given me a platform to contribute something to the underprivileged section of the society, but I feel that I take more than I give. The days of volunteering are very special, it’s a different kind of energy that radiates from these kids, and it is hard not to get engulfed in their joyous laughter. My day with them ends with a huge smile and a feeling of being content with myself. The unadulterated happiness and joy on the innocent faces gives me a sense of euphoria that melts all my worries away.

“As we work to create light for others, we naturally light our own way.” ― Mary Anne Radmacher

In return for teaching these kids, I take away lessons that are not only invaluable but everlasting. These children are like those precious diamonds that are priceless in themselves but need some polishing for their lustre to be seen by the world.

These children have taught me what it is like to get up after a fall. At a young impressionable age they encountered the hardest circumstances in their life but today when you meet them, their eyes shine with happiness. There are no tears and this requires courage. These kids have the resilience to stand up whenever they fall and this is the true meaning of courage for me.

They have dreams in their eyes, beautiful dreams of a better world, and not just for themselves but for everyone. They do not dream of cars and watches, but of a good and stable life with everyone. These little children are dreamers, but they did not lose touch with reality. They know in order to get something they need to work for it and understand that they need to be better every day, and then earn what they want. They are realistic dreamers and I wish to be too.

They wish for a house big enough for everyone, this value of togetherness is rare amongst us. We want a lot of things for ourselves but not for everyone. These children, they give meaning to the word together and wish for a world that walks hand in hand, marches shoulder to shoulder and has mutual love in their heart. These children leave me in awe of them and wishing for another opportunity to bask in their energy.

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