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Initiate introducing before they start contributing by Afshin Sayyed

By Volunteer Afshin Sayyed, FHI Mumbai

A gift of breath is passed to next, A seed of belief is kept in them on rest.

Human’s act around, Will get reflected in the growth of this seed,

Whether It will be a flowering plant or a weed!

It’s a universal truth that traces of all good and bad are passed from parent to child, “seed” is being used as a metaphorical expression for the same in the above poem. Whether children will be contributors to social evil or individuals to stand against it will be a reflection of thoughts poured onto them during their upbringing. All social evils from casteism, gender inequality, domestic abuse to corruption find its roots from people and end up destroying people.

The goal of Fly Higher India is oriented towards children revolving around the edge of good. Apart from ensuring a learning experience for the kids, volunteers should also keep in mind their demeanour during the events. Children imitate what they see, and it is the conduct of the volunteers that they will look up to. Any unanswered questions in their mind could be answered by how the volunteers behave, present themselves and respect each other irrespective of gender.

Secondly, We can’t bring a revolution to vanish all social evils in a day but to start with children can always be counted as the best strategy. FHI can introduce a tagline targeting one social evil per month, this tag line can be elaborated to make children aware of what the social evil we need to fight and what can be contributed from their side. An ideal first step is cautiously introducing children to the bad side of society before they begin contributing to the same unknowingly.

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