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How we wish to be the lights of inspiration by Barsha & Adhithya

By Volunteer Barsha Bharati (FHI Bhubaneswar) and Adhithya Mohan (FHI Kochi)

Ralph Waldo Emerson rightly said,

“Make the most of yourself, for that is all there for you.”

I’m happy to be a volunteer in Fly Higher India – FHI but I keep wondering if I’m giving my 100% or not. It’s been almost 8 months since I started volunteering and I have been working with people from different spheres and ages but still, I don’t know if I and others, working for the children, are the lamps of inspirations for the kids or not.

While this thought was spinning in my head, I met Barsha of FHI Bhubaneswar. Surprisingly we were on the same boat about this and now we had a chance to ponder on this topic together.

We had the same motive, that is – To find out how can we both do more and better with FHI?

Barsha believes that all the volunteers of Fly Higher India (including both of us) are the lamps of inspiration and enthusiasm, and all of us want to work hard, provide light, give insights, teach skills and spread knowledge to children to make them stand strong in life. What she says is apt, right?

Because definitely all of us want to give our best for the betterment of children who are special in every aspect and fill them with enough confidence so that they can tackle day to day problems with courage and smiles on their faces.

Now the question is in what all ways we can do more?

While Barsha and I were discussing this, she told me that she wishes to cover more skills this year that the kids need to learn and as per her study on the opinions of other volunteers, she found out that they also crave the same.

More skills! More events! More volunteer engagement!

So, what she aims is to be always engaged with the kids and teach them however much she can. She also wishes to interact more with all the kids and that is something that I also love to do. So yeah, interacting and instilling more skills into the kids is what Barsha wishes to do.

It’s just one day every month that we spend time with the kids. Is that enough? No! So what I wish to do as a volunteer is to spend more time with them. Maybe twice a month or every Sunday. Apart from that, I also think that I should try to interact more with the kids. Oh well, the “I” and “Me” is Adhithya from FHI Kochi.


So what we wish to do is almost the same thing and I hope we will work on it and try to accomplish what we wish. Also, Barsha and I would love to see FHI spreading its wings more successfully and to many more places we haven’t reached yet!

We are also looking forward to volunteering in this beautiful start of a new decade and hopefully, we will have more children and volunteers onboard with us!

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