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How do we wish to do more with Fly Higher India by Mariya & Piyush

By Volunteer Mariya Chandiwala (FHI Rajkot) and Piyush Vibhandik (FHI Nashik)

Fly Higher India has carved a special place in thousands of hearts with a focus to instill life skills in underprivileged children. FHI has made great strides in achieving its goal, but as they say, the sky has no limits, FHI therefore has a lot more to flourish by reaching out to more children in need. Great communication and marketing to build a brand are essential prerequisites to do so. Building a media presence, maintaining contact with journalists from different papers and news channels can help in spreading awareness about the working, vision and the strides we have taken to make children’s lives better. The inspirational work done by FHI should get more exposure by its publication in local newspapers about its various activities and events. Some light can also be thrown at press releases. FHI can gain a lot from the enthusiasm and bubbling ideas of the youth who are ever present on social media. The organization can help promote their ideas and give them recognition. Emphasis on marketing and advertising to colleagues, friends and relatives will make them aware of our work and inspire them to give something back to the society which will be beneficial for the vision of FHI. College ambassadors programs and appointing college coordinators has always proven to be an effective way to increase visibility of the organization. The internet is a wonderful environment to inform people of what you do and raise awareness about campaigns. Having a donation page, investing in google ads and set up pages on twitter and Youtube are also key attributes to see growth. It is essential to measure the response to your marketing and analyse it. All in all, making the best use of social media, video platforms and building a media presence, all backed by continuous feedback and conducting surveys will help propagate FHI to higher levels and make it a strong brand.

PR aside, a strong emphasis should also be given to implementing and realising the vision of FHI. As a group FHI works for children of poor class of preschool age, we would like to suggest extending our help and effort to the betterment of older kids who require skills essential to learn, earn and create. This can be done by holding skill based workshops where they are taught several skills to give them an initial push and inspiration for a career of their choice. For example, a basic introduction to the workings of computers where they are taught basic software like Excel, Power Point and the works. Conducting basic spoken English workshops also helps in imparting soft skills in the kids, an attribute essential for personal development, presentability and employability. Building on this idea, FHI can even collect funds to improve the standard of living for these children, by admitting them in schools and give them a chance to higher education , providing them with technology essential to help them on this path like computers, an internet connection or online courses.

FHI works for the upliftment of children and can also do so for kids who are sick and bedridden belonging to poor families who don’t have the resources to treat their children’s illness. We can reach out to doctors in respective cities who are ready to help the needy and host health camps in economically challenged areas. Provide them with regular health checkups, also promote need of hygiene among them and if necessary generate funds to help them with their medical bills as much as possible. This may result in overall development of those kids and help them lead a happy successful life. After all, the development of children directly equates to the development of this organization!

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