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Getting back to childhood by Prachi & Jaanvi

By Volunteer Prachi Singh (FHI Indore) & Jaanvi Sharma (FHI Chennai)

In this competitive and fast moving world, we wonder how many of us actually stop and realize the essence of living in the moment, not mulling over the past or worrying about the future, an art children effortlessly master.

If only we could see the world through the eyes of a child, we would have seen the magic in everything. Some days we wish to go back in life, not to change anything, just to relive those little moments. But now, as we spend time with the children, we feel as if we have gained back our careless days of joy. Every month we love coming back to the kids with new activities planned for them, and our purpose is made more meaningful by the level of enthusiasm that the children show. Jumping around with them, doing various activities with them, watching them fight over a pencil or a balloon and within minutes seeing them laugh out loudly, simply reminds us of the bond with our siblings. Being with children makes us realize that it is so easy to make friends without having to fake who you really are and merely celebrating your true self. These kids are very beautiful and thoughtful. They value education so much, which makes it a total pleasure for us to teach them. They are always eager to learn more about the things around and better themselves each time.

A volunteering journey in a children’s home has a lot of things to offer – friends, fun, warmth, happiness and some priceless moments that would take you all the way back to your childhood and forever stay engraved in your mind as beautiful memories.There are many ways in which people get reminded of their childhood, and for us FHI has worked as a beautiful medium. Thank you FHI!

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