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Fly like kites by Ranjan

By Volunteer Ranjan Krishna Paul (FHI Raipur)

The worth of a life is derived from the time contributed to serve the needy and that’s what we are here to do in FHI. The one day we spend with the kids remains our most cherished memory for the rest of the month.

“A kite flying touches the ground,

But with enthusiastic breeze around,

And a caring pair of hands to surround,

There’s nothing that can stop it.”

That’s why we are here, trying to contribute more and more towards the future, by helping the kids which are less privileged and more likely to have less bright of a future.

One very important point to be considered here, being perishable as humans, is that we wish to leave our country in safe hands of the future generation. The world around us being so confusing and cunning, we need to ensure that the little ones grow up with the right mindset and harbour the right values. Along with that, we need to build up their confidence which can be deeply engraved through the activities FHI indulges them in. We also need to make sure they learn necessary practical skills to sustain life comfortably.

We want the kids to feel secure and confident, so that they can fly as high as possible, like kites with infinitely long strings attached to them.

In FHI, we promise ourselves that we will be the hands which will be helping every single kid to fly like kites.

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