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FHI: Making The Future by Abhilash Nath

By Volunteer Abhilash Nath, FHI Mumbai

Skill and perfection are the elements that make a person competitive in his or her field of work. A skilled person utilizes the time and resources in its best possible way which makes them stand-out in the crowd. You must be wondering why I am discussing skill, perfection, etc… Just like professional skills, children also need basic life skills which distinguish them from others. These basic life skill helps them to grasp the professional skill later on. With food, you can feed them once but with knowledge and skill, you can change their present as well as their future. The ultimate goal of FHI is to make children capable to excel in the changing circumstances; apart from academic intelligence, each youth should possess a specific set of qualities and life skills. The concept of bringing changes in hundreds and thousands of lives in a distinct way galvanized me to be a part of Fly Higher India – FHI.



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