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Effective solutions to the problems by Suyog Ingle

By Volunteer Suyog Ingle, FHI Nagpur

To think out of the box is one of the most demanded qualities in today’s competitive world! It’s because irrespective of your work field, the top managing authorities of any organization or institution expect an effective solution to the problems in the least possible time and with minimal utilization of resources available. Sometimes, solutions to the problems aren’t there right in front of you. They might be peculiar but may turn out to be the better way to go about a problem over the usual way. And to meet this expectation, one requires an exceptional skill in the form of thinking outside the box.

It is pretty obvious that the crucial demand of this skill warrants a dire need of instilling this into kids. Also, it’s a common belief that things the kids are exposed to, often shapes them as a person as they grow up. Thus, instilling this skill at an early age will automatically prepare these kids when they grow up and become an integrated part of the society. It will help them as an essential tool to cope up with challenges they may face in the workplace and in life.

The advantages of thinking out of the box aren’t only restricted to self benefit but benefit on a macro level affecting the society and nation as a whole. It will do so in the form of more innovations and discoveries in different fields encouraging economic growth and prosperity. In the most recent Global Innovation Index (2019), India ranked 52nd leaving much room for improvement. This should spark the need to focus on instilling this skill into children from a young age to make a difference on a larger scale.

I feel incredibly satisfied being a volunteer at FHI and the reason is simple, FHI is making great strides in instilling such life skills into underprivileged kids. In my opinion, it’s undoubtedly a laudable thing as it’s not only helping kids to become self sufficient but also assisting in lifting India higher.

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