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Educating Young Minds by Uppasana & Harleen

By Volunteer Uppasana Baruah (FHI Guwahati) and Harleen Kaur (FHI Jaipur)

Hello, 2020!

2020 is a new year with 366 days; every day being a new opportunity to build a better you. FHI has touched the lives of 6000+ children in about 100+ shelter homes in India. With its team of 1600 volunteers and a diligent team of advisors, FHI has always been forward and edifying in its approach towards helping children.

From events where the volunteers work on themes like art, craft, music, recycling, reusing, reducing to eco friendly activities encouraging efficient utilization of available resources to conduct events, there has been a lot of productive work going on, time and again and way more to go. We have just entered 2020 and a new year means new hopes, new ideas, and of course newer activities.

“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.” ― Margaret Mead

It is essential to keep up with the pace of the ever developing and fast moving world and to be distinctive from the rest. Exposing the children to new topics will encourage them to brainstorm and come up with their own ideas. If we teach them how to walk by lending a finger, they can themselves make great leaps towards the future that is waiting for them.

Talking about new ideas, my co-writer and I, we were contemplating about ‘Educating The Young Ones’. The kids we meet are so naïve and green, they should be enlightened about the most innovative topics around. Giving them at least a basic know-what regarding topics that are relevant and interesting will light them up to know something different and then, maybe ponder and discuss about it with themselves. One different topic in each event that is conducted can circulate a big basket of thoughts and knowledge to these young, spritely kids who deserve the right to move forward hand-in-hand with the world.

Therefore, my co-writer and I decided that, in 2020, we should pledge to teach these tiny tots about how to break the lag that limits them. Hence, ‘educating’ should be the central theme in 2020. Together with the support of all the volunteers and the team of FHI, we can make it a reality and slowly and steadily work towards making it a success.

Our minute contribution in their development along with their exceptional abilities may lead to the formation of a new generation which will be capable to form a niche for themselves in this vast world. That’s how we decided to do better with FHI. We are very confident that our tiny thought would be able to create a difference.

Looking forward to a concrete event with this new aim in hand and hoping to receive help and encouragement from the entire team of FHI.

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