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Do work that matters by Anurag Sharma

By Volunteer Anurag Sharma, FHI Guwahati

We are all vulnerable at any given point in time because of life’s circumstances. For example, illness, humiliation, harassment, natural disasters, poverty and abuse; I would say that anyone who enters the social work profession are motivated by the desire to help others. Volunteering is one of my most rewarding experiences for me as it gives me an opportunity to help my community as a whole.

My life experiences has not crippled me, but has inspired my concentration in public welfare. And my past vulnerabilities will help me because they provide me with a better empathy of the world. Social work is about assisting those who need it most. Everyone, including those from difficult circumstances, deserves to live a fulfilling life and to have someone on their side willing to fight for them. We need to be more than what it’s been in the past, with the overall focus shifting from fixing the problem to prevention and early intervention.


I would like to thank my friend, Himadri Kashyap, for recommending me to join Fly Higher India as a volunteer. According to me, Fly Higher India has been engaged in activities related to social welfare that could give us satisfaction as human beings and uplift society as well. No two cases are the same, and FHI constantly tries to solve problems by using their experiences in creative ways.

Moreover, I thank the authorities for giving me an opportunity to be a part of this great organization. It is the combined effort of the team that led to the ongoing success of all the events.

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