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Being more human by Blessy R

By Volunteer Blessy R, FHI Chennai

“The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.” ~ Albert Einstein

These words really evolve a question before me, ‘Who are the people who don’t do anything about it?’ After looking at the current scenario and the social evils that are constantly pestering the kids in this society, the answer that comes to my mind is ‘the ignorant parents’.

Yes. This is unbelievable but the bitter truth. Gone are the days when a child was pampered by one big joint family with love and care at all times. Nowadays we find kids coming from school all alone, reaching home and opening the doors by themselves; then going to the tuition centers, coming back, eat the already prepared food kept in the kitchen and fall asleep. Majority of the kids face the situation of not getting to meet their father or mother due to night shifts at work or late night arrivals during the week days. They don’t even get a chance to sit back and relax with their parents by having a chat and sharing their happiness and mishaps. Then where is the room to rejuvenate their minds? Where is the room to move away from social evils? Money has become a major necessity which is eventually breaking the family bonds.

Once the heart is filled with love; through our gestures, our words and our actions, we can inculcate positive thoughts in their minds against the social evils. Kids are permeable to any moulding process done to them. We can adopt various such practices to build a stronger future for them.

If a kid who has parents and a good family background faces this emotional imbalance, then imagine the mental turmoil in a kid who is growing up in an orphanage… How can we help them? As a volunteering team, let’s join hands to help out these tiny tots in figuring out a way through the roses and thorns of life.

Each one of us is like an atom and together we form a molecule. So first of all, let’s teach kids unity and bring a supportive atmosphere amongst themselves. If anyone is being bullied, let’s teach them to raise their voice and show their support. Let’s teach them to not ignore. It’s a way of expressing that they’re there for each other. Secondly, teaching them equality is of paramount importance. Everyone is unique and equal under the eyes of God. So let’s not dissociate society in the name of gender, caste, race, class, etc. Let’s grow together as we are dependent upon each other. Last but not the least, ‘Sailing on the same boat, one can’t reach the shore by rowing against the group’ so teamwork is an important asset one must possess. Teaching kids to work as one family, producing outputs and propelling the growth as one, makes all things possible.

Every child deserves love and goodwill

Let’s teach them how to move away from social evil

As a team we will march on

Until all the negative thoughts are gone

As the volunteers of FHI

Let’s Fly Higher!

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