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An Auspicious Beginning by Nidhi Lohia

By Volunteer Nidhi Lohia, FHI Kolkata 

Several moments prove to be defining and life changing, and on a personal note, one such moment has certainly been the resolve to join Fly Higher India – FHI, which has presented the platform to not only spread smiles among the underprivileged children but also to impart life skills in them, which would aid them to establish themselves in future, enabling them to lead a dignified life. With the July event of 2018, MUDITA, conducted on 15th of the month at Aashirwad Boys’ Home, Kolkata.. an auspicious start was made to my journey as a volunteer, and the experience was fulfilling and heartwarming to the core.

With limited time allocated for the event by the caretakers of the protection home, we as a team, had a job at hand to make this event a success, and under the leadership of the two event coordinators, MUDITA definitely proved to be one; an event marked with various activities, we definitely managed to generate some priceless moments of ultimate happiness in the lives of these not so fortunate young souls, which was evident from the wide smiles on their innocent faces.

After a small interactive session with 40 odd children, getting to know them better, it was time to allow the children to groove to some bollywood music and showcase their dancing skills, and few of them definitely possess the potential to make a name for themselves in this field. The volunteers too joined the fun and the entire environment was infused with a sense of merriment and cheerfulness, and these small priceless moments will definitely be etched in our memory for eternity.


After the dance session, we divided the children into two groups where those kids interested in art and craft were provided with the necessary stationery items to put their imagination to work and create some piece of art with their set of skills and the other half indulged in a game of football on the sidelines. Having a deep interest in art, I, along with some other colleagues, definitely had a vital role to play in helping the kids dive deep into their imagination and also to recreate that on paper. Various kinds of paintings were crafted in the process, some of them brought to light their various aspirations in life, on to the piece of paper, through this medium of art, while others produced some delightful landscapes. The sport loving children also enjoyed the game of football to the fullest.

After such fun activities, it was time to create the FHI logo utilizing the different shades of poster colours; however we had planned to provide a certain twist to this activity, instead of employing the regular brush strokes, we asked the children to use various vegetables to decorate and paint, and the outcome was wonderful, the imprint of the different vegetables appeared unique and lovely. After such a fun activity, we distributed the food packets among the children who ate to their heart’s content. Last but not the least, we posed for a few group photographs, with the children executing the trademark Vooop pose.


The event proved to be huge success and it was surely evident from the smiles on the faces of the children who enjoyed to the core and will definitely have those moments engraved in their memory for lifetime and the same goes for the volunteers, who had a fulfilling and satisfying experience. It was my first event, and this definitely laid the foundation for the future events, which can be termed as opportunities to contribute something positive towards the society, and render this world a better place for dwelling.

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