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All it takes is a little kindness by Adhithya Mohan

By Volunteer Adhithya Mohan, FHI Kochi


Sometimes it’s the smallest things that makes the biggest impact. It’s true that it’s the simplest and smallest things that really do count in life. And I’m glad that I understood that if I won’t touch anyone’s life in anyway, there won’t be any purpose of me living my life. Seeing children begging on the streets , working in shops, begging for food and a lot more such scenes always left me wistful and the worst part was not knowing how to help them.

One fine day when I was scrolling through my feed on Instagram liking pictures of Cole Sprouse, Kylie Jenner and all other famous celebrities, I see Fly higher India’s Advertisement. Should I say that I’m glad I opened FHI’s page and started further reading about them? Because indeed I am. I was truly excited about the fact that I could do something for the kids who have no one else in their lives and it didn’t take me a minute to register myself as a volunteer.

There’s no effort required to be a bit kind and humble and it is so satisfying to see someone being happy because of you. And I am getting this satisfaction through Fly higher India. Seeing little kids smiling and being happy because of me is so delightful. FHI has given me the platform to connect with these children and has given me the chance to help them all the ways I can. And am I grateful? Undeniably!

I began this journey with a bunch of strangers who had the same motive and all I want is to continue this journey as long as I can and help these underprivileged and orphan kids get some happiness which they deserve. Don’t ever think it’s too late, you’re too young or you’re not the “right” person to do an act of kindness. You don’t need a Stellar resume or years of experience to be kind or to help the underprivileged. They deserve all kind of happiness and only “you” and “me” can help them get what they deserve. So bud, take the first step and one day you’ll be the reason of someone’s happiness and trust me this what life is all about!

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