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A Guiding Force by Payal Pal

By Volunteer Payal Pal, FHI Mumbai 

Exposure is key for the development of one’s mind. The more you observe, the more you learn. But, learning doesn’t come easy. The key to learning anything in life requires enthusiasm, patience, willingness but as much as we acknowledge all of these the most important thing we need is, a guiding force.

A guiding force is someone who keeps us motivated, encourages us when we hit a dead end or give up on something we just started, because we couldn’t get past one thing. There is no right or wrong as to what your guiding force could be. It could be a mere observation around your surrounding or it might just as be a still from a movie that you watched on TV that caught your attention. This guiding force is where Fly Higher India NGO (FHI) comes into picture. We at FHI are privileged to have like minded people on this journey of believing that skills learned in life will help you to think on your feet in order to accomplish anything.

We have people but most importantly, children who are going to contribute to our society and shape our future leading us into a better tomorrow. As quoted by Select Panel for promotion of Child Welfare, “Children are one third of our population and all of our future.” It is a simple truth but one truth that also always lurks around is that not every kid has access to resources needed to accomplish what they want to. There are children who do not get as many opportunities even though they have immense talent and over a period of time, survival trumps the need to hone a skill or recognizing something you’re genuine interested in.

We at FHI, ensure through various themes that children get exposure to find out their talents, work on various skills like logical reasoning, critical thinking, problem solving ability, management and self awareness amongst others something that FHI hopes to instil and lay a foundation amongst the kids in order to stand tall in the face of difficulties, as challenges are a part and parcel of our lives. Learning can be a tedious process and there is no one way that fits all but one thing is established, that you learn better when you are having fun. Keeping this in mind every volunteer plans activities that not only incorporate skills but are also enjoyable. Hence, we always find that one kid who is apprehensive at first but is really having fun by the end. Thus accomplishing our goal to enhance their life through skills that includes social as well an academic outlook for a brighter, better and happier life, today and tomorrow.

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