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A dream for tomorrow by Selvalakshmi & Sweta

By Volunteer Selvalakshmi Arullselvam, (FHI Pondicherry) & Sweta Singhal, (FHI Guwahati)


A new year brings with it another beginning and new dreams to turn that beginning into something better than the last one. And so as we step into 2020 with Fly Higher India, we dream to widen our horizons, fly higher with the kids and give them their piece of sky to paint it as they like it and let them experience what it is to soar fearlessly. To dream bigger and achieve those dreams.

As an icing on the cake, apart from the time that we set aside for the kids and the fun and thoughtful activities that we indulge ourselves in, we think there’s a bit more we can contribute. Considering the fact that almost all of us are graduates or soon-to-be graduates who had the privilege of an empowering education, we think it’s high time we put it to use. The dentists among us could give an oral hygiene campaign, the medicos could address any primal and basic health issue, the teachers could wrap knowledge as little bits of treasure and thus, so on and so forth. After all, the best way to a better future is to educate these kids now and implant in them some messages for them to take home and keep them thinking, get them questioning and set them on a quest for the answers.


We aspire to do better, go bigger and farther. To do so, we look forward to ignite more minds, send out sparks and hopefully indulge our friends and family this year; after all every drop counts, every bit helps. And with the social media booming everywhere, we hope to spread what we do and how we do it like a wildfire. We as human beings are designated to talk. Almost half the world’s business is word of mouth marketing. We think that’s a human trait we can avail to do better, to fly higher.

In 2020, we look forward to putting our best versions for the children; kind, compassionate, considerate and polite. We will be a guiding light; even if it’s just for that one day that we spend with them.

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